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About My Soccer Betting Listings:

Why is my list so short?  I only list the sites that I consider to be the best for Canadians. Would it really make sense for me to research twenty betting companies and then rank them one through 20?  Would you sign up with sportsbook number 18?  Of course not!

This is why I keep things simple.  If a company doesn’t measure up against my Canadian perspective, they don’t get listed.

Why might a site fail to get listed?  A poor record of withholding bettor funds or placing limits on the accounts of winning players, not offering Canadian Dollar wagering or not offering mobile betting.

Each listed site has satisfied my review criteria, but there are differences in their service offerings, so read the reviews and choose based on your own preferences and requirements, not a bogus rating scheme.  If you like to shop for the best odds, it might make sense to register with more than one so that you can maximise your winnings.  

Brazilian Serie A Betting in Canada (Campeonato Brasileiro Série A)

Boasting historic teams like Santos, Palmeiras and Corinthians Brazil has been the World’s breeding ground for the best players before moving on to greener and richer pastures.  However, with Brazil’s emerging economic presence, the ability of Brazilian teams to keep and attract talented players is better than ever.   While the best of the best still move on to Spain, England, Germany and Italy, Brazilian League Soccer is as strong as ever and is likely only to improve.  

The local Canadian provincial lottery games do not offer wagering on these games and you don’t need to sign up with Brazilian or even European sportsbooks to wager on these matches.  Each of the Canadian-friendly soccer sportsbooks that I list offer a full range of Brazilian Serie A odds.  You’ll be able to deposit and bet in Canadian Dollars to avoid currency exchange fees and use banking methods that are secure and preferred by fellow Canadian players.

Quickly Compare Canadian Sportsbooks with Brazilian Serie A Betting

Bodog is one of the oldest brand names in sports betting, established in 1994. They are the official Canadian betting partner of Arsenal FC, so you know they focus on soccer and cater to Canadians.  For example, they are the only sportsbook that accepts the popular-in-Canada Interac Email Transfer as a deposit method.  Read the full review here.

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Would you like to compare soccer odds from each of these sportsbooks for Brazilian League games?   Find out which one will pay the most for your matches of interest.  View the current odds so you can quickly determine the best sportsbook for you.

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